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The United States has no offshore wind turbines, though there are more than 800 off the coast of nine European countries. 
The federal government just approved a plan to erect a farm of giant windmills in the waters off Cape Cod. If they are built they could replace the electricity made by more than 100 million gallons of oil annually. 
Text Box: The world has enough wind to supply “the total energy need of humanity”, according to a recent study.
Wind energy is clean but not steady, because if there is no wind, the windmills can’t produce electricity. However, it is zero carbon and zero pollution.
Denmark makes more of its power from wind than any country and often sells it to its neighbors. At times, when Danish wind production has been high, the price for power has dropped to Text Box: New York City and Long Island are now talking about building a wind farm in the ocean about 13 miles from Rockaway, producing enough energy to power 250,000 homes. The wind is always blowing somewhere along the Atlantic coast — so if coastal wind parks were linked from Florida to Maine, it would mean that the turbines were always spinning somewhere. 

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