Text Box: Similar to a road rally, the event tests engineering know-how, teamwork and endurance.

In the 1,100-mile race, the Bochum team will compete in timed stages as it vies to complete the every-other-year contest with the lowest total elapsed time. Its vehicle will harness high-efficiency photovoltaic cells to demonstrate mobility without fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

Text Box: HILLSBORO, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The SolarWorld No. 1 solar-powered racecar takes off Sunday along a course from Tulsa to Chicago in the 2010 American Solar Challenge, representing the largest U.S. solar manufacturer in the best-established event of its kind in North America.   

Future engineers studying at Hochschule Bochum – the Bochum University of Applied Sciences in Germany – form the SolarWorld No. 1 team. Text Box: “Our solar racer will model the clean power from the sun across an expanse of the U.S. landscape, where SolarWorld has pioneered solar technology since the mid-1970s,” said Kevin Kilkelly, president of SolarWorld California, the company’s sales and marketing unit.

Also competing is a team from Oregon State University in Corvallis. Its racer is powered by solar cells made in Hillsboro, Ore., where SolarWorld operates its U.S. Text Box: The BLM offered 114 parcels totaling 328,020 acres, of which 75 were sold totaling 212,369 acres. It brought in $2.76 million in revenues.
Nevada receives half the geothermal lease revenues, 40 percent goes to a reclamation fund, 10 percent to the federal government.
U.S. Sen.'s John Ensign, R-Nev., and Harry Reid, D-Nev., co-sponsored a bill in March that would redirect one-fourth of the geothermal royalties back to the counties, give half to the state and the remainder to the federal government..
"Rural counties in states like Nevada with large percentages of public land Text Box: rely heavily on revenue sources like geothermal energy production," Reid said.
Nevada Ltd. of Reno, bid for two more parcels totaling 5,520 acres in Nye County. 
HOV Energy, of Las Vegas, bid on five parcels totaling 18,423 acres in Nye County, and two parcels totaling 7,744 acres in Esmeralda County. 
Ram Power-of-Reno submitted the majority of the bids in Esmeralda County, on 23,228 acres. 
Venture Prospects LLC, of Charlotte, N.C., submitted bids on 16,595 acres in Esmeralda County.
Sierra Geothermal Power Text Box: Inc., of Olympia, Wash., bid for a parcel totaling 2,877 acres in Esmeralda County.
The top price paid for a parcel was for 640 acres in geothermal-rich Churchill County, paid out by Magma Energy U.S. Corp. of Reno.
There are 28 active geothermal projects in Nevada. Locally, Sierra Geothermal Power Corp. is in status II -- the exploratory drilling phase -- for the Alum project for which the company has leased 7,198 acres in Esmeralda County. Raser Technologies Inc. is in status III for their Trail Canyon project on which they have a 2,527-acre lease in Nye County and for which they are submitting an operations and utilization plan Text Box: BLM Holds Geothermal Lease Auction in Nevada 
Text Box: Sun– Fueled Vehicle to Race in Tulsa-Chicago Run
Text Box: There are 28 active geothermal projects in Nevada. 
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